Binkies are for Babies

In April we started talking to Bennett about trying to get rid of his binkies.  He was down to only using them at naptime and bedtime at home (no binkies at daycare).  But he was not having it, didn’t want to talk about it at all.  He had three binkies in his bed: one for his mouth and one for each hand.

We talked to him about binkies being for babies.  We even tried to suggest that he give his binkies to Baby Ryder.  Well, at his birthday party, we suggested it to him again, and he happily handed over one of the three coveted binkies to Baby Ryder.  We were surprised, ,but went with it.  So then we were down to two.

For the next month, we got by with just two binkies at bedtime.  Sometimes he substituted a Hot Wheel or other toy in his spare hand and was fine with that.  He didn’t seem to notice that he was missing one of his binkies.  We continued to talk about giving the remaining binkies to Baby Ryder and Bennett seemed on board some days and other days insisted, “No.  Bennett binky.”  And that was that.

And then one day in mid-May, Baby Ryder was coming over.  I asked Bennett if he wanted to give Ryder another binky that day.  He happily agreed.  “Baby Ryder binky” he kept saying.  (Uh oh, down to one – Could he do it?!?)

So that day, Ryder (and parents) showed up.  We hung out for a little bit.  Both Bennett and Cooper enjoyed getting a chance to hold Ryder by themselves:

Bennett & Ryder 5.14 Cooper & Ryder 5.14

After playing for a bit, we asked Bennett if he was going to give Baby Ryder a binky.  He happily ran upstairs to his room and came back with his red binky.  He had one red one and one blue one.   But I had backups that he didn’t know about, and they were all red.  I was worried that if we got rid of the red one, and if I had to use an emergency binky, he would know there was more than one.  That couldn’t be good.

So, I asked Bennett if he wanted to give Ryder the blue binky instead.  He ran upstairs again and got the blue binky.  And then gave BOTH binkies to Ryder and didn’t want any of them back.  I couldn’t believe it!  Here he is handing over the last of the binkies:


Ryder eagerly accepted his new binkies.  And Bennett seemed happy with his decision.

The true test was a couple hours later when naptime came and he refused to sleep and cried to get out of his room after just an hour.  That afternoon was miserable for all the rest of us because our poor little binky-less two-year-old was so tired and cranky.  That night he asked for his binky at bedtime and I reminded him that he gave them to Baby Ryder.  He went to sleep just fine and slept all night.  He MUST have been exhausted!

And since then we haven’t had a single binky-related problem.  A couple times he has asked about his binky.  All I say in to him is, “Where is your binky?” And he responds with “Baby Ryder has it.”  And we move on.  No problem.

Binkies are for babies, so my big boy doesn’t need them.  Perfect way to move on – give them to the newest baby.

Hooray!  🙂



One response to “Binkies are for Babies”

  1. Karen Hathaway says :

    I’d buy him a teddy bear to sleep with, and tell him its name is Binky. Then he can still go to sleep with Binky. But great job on passing them down to Ryder. Well done!

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