Villa Paloma: Scottsdale AZ May 2014

Vacation time!  We were long overdue and so ready for our trip.  We booked a vacation at an incredible house and planned to play in the pool and relax for 5 days.  And that’s exactly what we did.

Of course, our trip started off with the airplane ride (or “jet” as Cooper always specifies).  Here are the boys watching out the window at the airport looking for our plane to arrive, then again on the plane ready to get up in the air:

IMG_0419 Ready on the plane!

After a big (and long!) morning of travel with two littles (and one pre-teen!), we finally made it.  Here’s looking in the driveway of our mini mansion and then at the front door of the beautiful house.


Here’s the dining room inside the entry way.  I love the tall ceilings and thick, dark wood beams!  I wish we had more photos of the inside of the house – it was gorgeous!
Entry.Dining Room

And onto the best feature – the back yard.  Who wouldn’t want to wake up to this view every day?!?!?


There was an outdoor kitchen, including a wood-fired pizza oven.


An incredible pool where we spent a TON of our time!  There was a nice deep (standard) area, and then a 15-foot section on the side there where it was only a foot deep.  This was perfect for the kids to play in!  On the other end of the back yard, we had our own mini golf course.

Backyard1 Backyard2

The details of this house are just beautiful.  (Again, I’m so sad we didn’t more pictures inside!)  But, I love this pergola!


Oh, did I forget to mention the house has it’s own private vineyard?  We didn’t get to taste any of their wine (there were out of the bottled stuff, and said the batch they were working on didn’t turn out very good), but next time…  And there will definitely be a next time!


Our first morning, Jeff & I left the kids with grandma and took off to hike Pinnacle Peak.  Not a huge hike (3.5 miles round trip), but it was fun.  We didn’t see any swarming bees, as warned, but found 20 lizards – a couple of them scary big!

IMG_0420 IMG_0422 IMG_0423 IMG_0428 IMG_0426

A little selfie from the viewpoint near the top:

J&M Hike

The next morning, the homeowners (neighbors) promised to take the boys down to see their chickens and to feed them a treat for breakfast.  They were pretty excited!



Mr. Cool


Mr. Smiley

They were looking out the windows at the front door, waiting so eagerly for their chicken visit.


And trying so hard to get the doors open – they were VERY heavy!


Cooper heading in to the chicken Coop!  The boys were a little nervous at first, but they warmed up to the chickens and had fun.  They were surprised at the treat – who knew chickens loved to eat watermelon!?!?

IMG_0442 IMG_0443

One of the orange chickens was clucking away nearly the whole time we were there – she sure had a lot to say!

IMG_0445 IMG_0447

Popsicles are a must for cooling down on a hot vacation day!

IMG_0485 IMG_0482

Getting ready to go in the pool.  Can’t go swimming without your goggles!


And here’s a ton in the pool, to sum of most of our time here.  We tried to go in the pool twice on most days – after breakfast/before lunch, and then again after naptime/before dinner.


Bennett loves the water.

IMG_0450 IMG_0451 IMG_0457

And Cooper is a fish.


Natalie is a fan of the pool, too.  She was the one who was “lucky” enough to dive down to the bottom of the pool every time one of the boys “dropped” one of the dive toys down there.


The boys did a lot of jumping from the shallow pool to the deeper pool.

IMG_0458 IMG_0463

Bennett especially enjoyed his jumps.  He would count, “One, two, three, BLAST OFF!” and then leap.  Here’s a nice action shot.



Most of all, we loved, loved, loved that this pool had the shallow part.  The rock in the middle was a little rough, but other than that, it was perfect!  Bennett spent a bunch of his time (when he wasn’t jumping) crawling around doing his crocodile walk/crawl, repeating “Tick tock, tiiiick tock, tiiiick tock”.  (Fans of Peter Pan might know he’s being Tick-Tock Crock.)  Cooper joined in on the Tick-Tock Crock crawling a little bit, too.

IMG_0492 IMG_0493 IMG_0494

Cooper probably spent more time under water than he did above.  We have definitely gotten our money’s worth from his swim lessons!

IMG_0495 IMG_0496 IMG_0497

And here I am trying to do the Tick-Tock Crock, but it seems I’ve been weighted down a little bit.

IMG_0501 IMG_0506

After a full day of swimming, where else would you want to take a bath???


How about a little golf after breakfast?

IMG_0514 IMG_0515 IMG_0516 IMG_0518 IMG_0519

More popsicles & sitting with dad.  You can see our pale skin is turning a little pink by now…


Happy Coop!  He loves vacation!


And, a classic unexplainable Bennett facial expression to wrap it all up.  I have no recollection whatsoever as to what he was saying or doing, but this face.  Oh my.  He cracks me up!


That’s it.  We had a great time.  We hope to go back there and do it again (and again and again!).


2 responses to “Villa Paloma: Scottsdale AZ May 2014”

  1. Margaret Burnell says :

    OK does Great Grandma get to go next time.   I didn’t know you were staying in a castle.   Looks like everyone had a great time.   Are you both working overtime so you can do it again?

    Hope to see you one of these days.  We need another birthday before Natalies.

    Love to all thanks for sharing your trip. FAV Grammie

  2. Karen Hathaway says :

    Thanks for the all the wonderful photos – what a beautiful place to stay! Glad you have such a fun vacation.

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