We love the beach! *** Cannon Beach – June 2014

Even though we just had a fantastic desert vacation, we decided that wasn’t enough and we needed a weekend at the beach.  And not just any beach, THE Beach.  Cannon Beach.  We rented a 4-bedroom house right on the beach near haystack rock and were so excited to have a nice, fun, beachy weekend.

The trip didn’t get off to a great start though, as the night before we headed out, Bennett caught some sort of stomach bug and was throwing up all over.  The next morning (Friday), he couldn’t keep a cup of apple juice down.  But, call us crazy, we decided to go anyway.  The house was paid for.  What’s a little vomit all over the car during a 5-hour drive, huh???  So, we packed up the car with everything we needed for the weekend, and made sure to include a barf bowl, paper towels, a large bath towel, garbage bags, and a hand towel.  We were prepared.  Thankfully, we didn’t need any of that stuff.  Bennett was back to his crazy (healthy) self with no more problems.

The drive was long.  Like I said, five hours.  We rolled into Cannon Beach before our check-in time, but were lucky that the house was ready.  While the house does not compare to our last vacation rental in Arizona, it was perfect all in a completely different way.  Look at this place – huge deck with lots of seating, a nice grassy yard, and our own steps right down to the beach, and a short walk from Haystack Rock!


The kids immediately wanted to go to the beach, so we unloaded the car, changed our clothes, and headed down.  The weather was nice – 60 degrees and sunny, not a cloud in sight; a little windy, but not unbearable.  The water was freezing!  But that didn’t stop our crazy kids from getting wet!  I could not get over how much they loved the sandy beach and the water.  I could just sit and watch them play and listen to their squeals of delight & laughter forever.  It was great.

It took Bennett a little while to adjust to walking on the sand.  He didn’t care for it at first.  (He still doesn’t like bare feet on the grass!)  But he got over it.  And he ran.  And ran some more.  We played with shovels, buried our feet, and managed to get sand in everything (of course).

CBeach1CBeach6CBeach10CBeach8 CBeach9

CBeach12 CBeach11

After a little time on the beach, we changed out of our sandy clothes and walked into town for dinner.  We made a stop first at the candy store.  (It’s ok to bend the rules on vacation!)


After our candy and dinner, we walked on home and played on the beach a little longer before settling down to wash off the sand and go to bed.  The kids all had their own rooms and did great.  The house was old, but perfect for what we needed.

Saturday morning, we decided to drive back to Seaside for some adventures over there.  The kids just wanted to go back and play on the beach, but we convinced them we’d have fun in Seaside, and then we’d come back and play on our beach again later that afternoon.  I think we managed to have fun:

We started the morning off walking down Broadway towards the beach and had to stop to get Jeff some coffee.  The coffee shop was connected to a gift shop full of crazy hats.  So, of course, we had to try them on.  What do you think – how do we look???

Cbeach13 CBeach14

After the hat store, we headed over to the Seaside Aquarium.  We’d heard they had a brand new baby seal to see, and they did not disappoint.  We watched the seals beg for food for quite some time, saw the baby seal swimming with his mom, and even fed them ourselves.  That was fun.  And we headed inside to check out the rest.  Bennett posted next to a 28lb lobster (same weight as him!), we saw a big octopus, and checked out the scary sharp-toothed wolf eel.  There was also a touch-tank, but none of the kids were feeling very adventurous and kept out of it for the most part.




After the aquarium, we headed over to the bumper cars.  Unfortunately, because we all were playing, we didn’t get any pictures.  But, we all had a blast!

We finished off our morning in Seaside with lunch at the pizza place (at the arcade) and even allowed one quick game for anybody who ate their lunch (Cooper = yes, Bennett = no).  Then we headed back to the house for naptime.  The kids must have been worn out with all the fun and ocean air, because it seemed like they napped forever.  Cooper finally woke up and wanted to go to the beach.  The tide was out, so he and I took off by ourselves (the rest of the crew would catch up after Bennett got up).

Cooper and I had so much fun down on the beach.  We splashed in the water, jumped over waves, dug in the sand, played in the tidepools, found hermit crabs and starfish, and more.  I could not get over how much fun Cooper was having down there.  I asked a couple times (after nearly two hours) if he wanted to go back and find everybody else, and he just said NO every time.  He did not want to stop.  His sweatshirt and shorts were soaked, but he didn’t care.  It was just fun.  So much fun.

CBeach28 CBeach29 CBeach30 CBeach31 CBeach33 CBeach34 CBeach32

Finally, the rest of our family tracked us down over at Haystack Rock and joined in the fun.  The kids played in the tidepools some more, found more hermit crabs, and (again), did not want to stop.

CBeach2 CBeach3 CBeach4 CBeach5 CBeach35 CBeach36 CBeach37 CBeach38

As the tide came in and the tide pools began to disappear, we managed to pull the kids away and head back towards the house.  (Some of us faster than others.)


We walked into town again for dinner.  This time, the candy store was after dinner, and we all had Tillamook ice cream.  YUM!  On the walk, I asked Cooper if he was having a good vacation.  His answer?  “No.”  I couldn’t believe it and asked him why not.  And he said, “Because this is a mom vacation.”  —  A WHAT?  I explained to him that yes, I was having fun, but pointed out that I knew he was having fun, too.  He agreed.  (Silly little dude.)

After we got back to the house, we played around on the grass and the beach (dry sand) one more time before heading up for baths and bedtime again.




As a side note – we overheard that it was a Goonies anniversary celebration weekend in Astoria.  We didn’t fit it in our schedule, but we could have gone in to join the Group Truffle Shuffle and treasure hunt.  Maybe next time.  🙂

Sunday morning, it was time to pack up and head home.  But we had a little time, so we played on the beach one last time after breakfast.  Even though it was a short time, the kids still had so much fun.  It was tough to get them back into the house to get cleaned up (another bath!) and ready to go.


CBeach45 CBeach44

CBeach48 CBeach46 CBeach47

CBeach49 CBeach18 CBeach19

As we headed back north, we made a quick detour at Fort Stevens and let the kids run out a little more energy before sticking them back in the car for another 5 hours.

CBeach51 CBeach52 CBeach50

We managed to get home without too much complaining (and a lot of napping, thankfully!).  All I want to know now is – When can we go back????




2 responses to “We love the beach! *** Cannon Beach – June 2014”

  1. Karen Hathaway says :

    What a great trip – love the photos. I guess Moms aren’t supposed to have fun – too funny!

  2. Margo Burnell says :

    Looks like a blast at the beach for all of you. Sorry Cooper didnt’ think his mommy was suppose to have FUN. Your kids are so blessed to have such great parents. I love you all. GGma the FAV

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