Summer recap – August 2014

Still in August, the beautiful weather continued.  If I remember right, I think we had a record streak of days without rain.  (Not that I remember the number of days, just that I’m pretty sure it was a record.)  It was hot, it was sunny, it was great.  We had something fun to do every weekend this month.

The first weekend in August, we had planned to have a day at the beach, somewhere close by.  We chose Juanita Beach Park in Kirkland.  We’d never been there, but figured with a combination of sandy beach, trails, and a big toy/play area, we’d have no problems in the fun department.  Well, despite the intermittent thunder and lightning, we still had fun even though we cut our beach trip short due to the morning weather storm.  We walked some trails, played in the sand a bit, waded in the water shallow water, played on the big toy, and had our picnic lunch on the beach.  But when the lifeguards came on duty and officially closed the water access because of the lightning across the water, we decided we’d had enough beach for that day.  It was only a couple of hours, but it was still a good time.

JuanitaBeach3 JaunitaBeach2 JuanitaBeach1

The next weekend started off with Cooper attending his first-ever birthday party for a friend from school.  A GIRL from school, actually.  To be honest, he’s been so anti-girl, boys-can-only-be-friends-with-boys lately, I was surprised he wanted to go.  But, we did go, and he had a ton of fun.  The party was at Elevated Sportz, a local trampline center with an indoor play area (a GIANT big toy of sorts).  Cooper knew a handful of kids from his class, and even one other boy, too.


That same weekend, we took the kids back to Kirkland, but this time to check out their annual SummerFest.  We discovered it last year and enjoyed our time, so we knew we definitely wanted to go back.  There was so much to do for all of us.  Again, we had a great time.  (Theme of the summer?  I think so!)

We walked around and checked out the vendor booths, but didn’t see anything super exciting until we found the kids play area.  There were a handful of play areas including a huge inflatable obstacle course and a giant inflatable slide.  (There was also a bounce house that was too crowded and a mock surfing game that we didn’t do, but looked like fun.)  We walked around some more and found police cars and fire trucks that the kids could sit in, semi-trucks, garbage trucks, limousines, etc.  So, of course we had to check all of those out!  We found a place to grab a bite for dinner, then headed to the beach.  The kids played on the beach with the water and shovels and buckets provided by the event until it was past their bedtime.  We ended the night with ice cream cones on the grass before heading home.  What a great day!

Summerfest3 Summerfest2 Summerfest5 Summerfest4 Summerfest1 Summerfest6Summerfest7

The month wasn’t halfway over at this point…
The following weekend, we took the boys to Remlinger Farms.  Who knew this place is so big and so fun?!?!  It is like a county fair, but on a much smaller scale, perfect for kids under about 10 or so.  We spent hours there going on plenty of child-friendly carnival rides, including a mini steam train, old-fashioned cars, the flying airplanes and octopus rides, and even the boys’ first-ever roller coaster!  (They loved it all, but I could tell that the roller coaster was a little intimidating for both of them at times.)  They both also had pony rides (Bennett’s first time).  Bennett rode a pony named Bean (and talked about him for weeks), and Cooper rode a pony named Apple.  There was also a hay maze to get lost in, and a big pile of hay to jump into at the end.  This place was so cool.  We will definitely go back!

Remlinger4 Remlinger1 Remlinger7Remlinger2
Remlinger5 Remlinger6 Remlinger3

It was mid-August when one day after a bath, Bennett dried off, and completely on his own, decided to pee in the kiddy potty chair that has been in the bathroom for some time.  We were very impressed and excited!  Could it be time for potty training already???  We tried suggesting potty a few times and he would get excited about it.  But no matter what, he refused to pee sitting on the kiddy potty chair; he would only pee standing up.  Well, the splash-back from standing up and peeing in the kiddy potty chair was disastrous, so I searched online and found a toddler-sized urinal that would hook on to the toilet.  Thanks to, two days later, we had our brand new orange urinal and Bennett was thrilled – he thought it was super cool!  He even used it a few times (both on his own and with prompting).  We were headed in the right direction, but still nowhere near a done deal.  (Let’s just say he peed more on the carpet than in the any of his potties.)


Another weekend in August, we went camping.  Yes.  Camping.  I went along, nearly kicking and screaming.  And even though we drove four hours one way, and spent just one night (in a tent. on the ground.), we all managed to survive.  Before we left, we bought new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sleeping bags for the boys – that was a huge hit and they couldn’t wait to use them!


This was Bennett’s first camping trip, and Cooper’s first tent camping trip (he’d stayed in Nana & Papa’s trailer the previous summer).  The weather was great, maybe even too hot (upwards of 90 degrees with little shade!).  The kids rode bikes in the cul-de-sac by our campsite, colored with chalk on the road, made (& kind-of ate) s’mores, and went on little walks to the river where Cooper tried to learn how to skip rocks and Bennett discovered his love for blackberries (and rock throwing).  Bennett also spent a lot of time cuddling with his favorite “puppy”, Piper.

Camping4 Camping2 Camping3 Camping7 Camping5 Camping6 Camping8 Camping14 Camping9 Camping10 Camping11 Camping12 Camping13 Camping15

By now, you’d think the month was over, but no… August is a 5 week month…  On the last weekend of August, we took the kids to their first Mariner’s game.  We didn’t stay the entire time, but we were there long enough for them to see what it was all about and get a good feel for the baseball game experience.  They did pretty well in their seats.  Luckily, the people behind us thought Bennett was pretty cute (Well, he is!), and they chatted him up a little bit and didn’t mind when he was standing on his chair or my lap, etc.  The boys got a little stir crazy in about the fifth inning, so we walked around and checked out some of the stadium before leaving.

Baseball2 Baseball3

Aren’t we cute?  🙂


And finally, one more picture I can’t resist sharing.  These two brothers love each other so much.  We are so lucky!

Brother Love

Such a great month!!!




One response to “Summer recap – August 2014”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    Michelle, you and Jeff are such great parents. Your 3 are very very lucky. May I suggest the next time you go to Remlinger Farms you stop by to see Grammie.
    I hadn’t heard about Michelle sleeping on the ground in a tent. What has this world come to??

    I love my little Bothell family and am looking forward to spend the day with all of you tomorrow. I am truly thankful for you all.
    FAV Grammie

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