Summer recap – July 2014

July brought on great summer weather, which meant we were able to take full advantage of sunny afternoons and weekends.

For seven Friday afternoons, starting in July, Cooper joined a group of kids his age for his first ever soccer team.  He had so much fun!  Practice was at a park nearby, so while he ran around with his new team, Bennett and I hung out and played close by.  After every practice, we headed over to the big toy for a while, too.  (Bonus!)  It was after the first practice when Cooper was climbing on to the big boy, and announced “Soccer player coming through!” when he tried to pass in front of me.  He definitely thought he was hot stuff!  And when I tried to take his picture during a water break, he insisted, “Mom!  I have to go!” because he certainly didn’t have time to waste on pictures.  Haha!

Soccer2 Soccer3

For Bennett, his highlights for July included his first chair ride at the dentist.  He did really well listening to the hygienist (surprisingly!).  He couldn’t wait to have his teeth counted (all there!) and his big brother even got to get dressed up to help out!  AND – also in July, Bennett go to go from a crib to a big-boy (well, toddler) bed.  He was thrilled!  And, at the end of the month, he started taking swim lessons.  Unlike his brother, he started out with NO FEAR of the water.  (No surprise there.  He is the wild one, after all!)

Dentist1 Dentist2 B-Big Boy Bed Bswim1

Late July, we took the kids to their first parade at the Renton River Days festival.  They thought it was so cool.  We saw the Seafair Pirates & Seafair Clowns, a pirate dog, lots of drill teams, and more.  By far though, the best part was surely the fact that many of the groups were handing out treats (candy!).  We didn’t have any bags to stuff the candy in, and Cooper saw another kid holding out his hat to collect the goodies, and he quickly started doing that himself.  Smart kid!  🙂

Parade2 Parade4 parade1

We also spent plenty of time in the backyard playing in the sprinkler and the pool.  One afternoon, things got a little crazy and this happened:

Nakey pool time

This still cracks me up.  But leaves me speechless…
Oh, boys will be boys all right!






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