Summer recap – June 2014

So, we had a great and BUSY summer.  Now that November is almost over, it seems I need to get caught up on our summertime updates so we can move forward with our upcoming holidays.  The business just doesn’t end, does it???

Well, we took our two vacations pretty much back to back, so we don’t have any other major trips to talk about.  However, we did do A LOT of things over the summer.

If we backtrack a little bit, on Mother’s Day, the kids (and dad!) built me a raised-bed vegetable garden.  They did a great job.  In mid-June, we started finding (and eating) goodies in the garden.  It was fun to go check every couple of days to see what grew, and it lasted through September.  Not bad for our first try!  We had a TON Of zucchini and cucumbers, carrots, and banana peppers.  The snap peas and bell peppers didn’t do so well.  We’ll have to figure that out better for next summer.  But the boys had a blast.  I think their favorite was the carrots – they loved picking them and gobbling them up (after they were washed, of course!).

Veg Garden1 Veg Garden2 Veg Garden3 Carrots!

One weekend, we took the kids for a fun outing at Kelsey Creek Farm Park in Bellevue.  It’s a pretty large park with lots of grassy areas, a creek, playground, picnic tables, and a small petting farm.  We got to visit some goats, bunnies, geese, and more.  And the best part? – Free!  Can’t beat that price!  🙂

Kelsey Creek Kelsey Creek2

In late June, Jeff and I had a chance to escape for a day hike.  We chose to go to Lake Serene/Bridal Veil Falls.  While the hike kicked our butts (8+ miles with a 2000 foot elevation gain!), it was so worth it.  The lake still had some snow around it and the view was gorgeous!  I wish we had more time to get away and do more of this stuff!

Serene1 Serene2

Also in late June, Cooper got his first real big-boy bike.  He was definitely getting too big (Tall!) for his balance bike, and it was time to get him something with pedals.  We had hoped he’d be ready for no training wheels, but that was a battle we lost.  He refused to ride the bike, so within a week, we had training wheels on it, and he was one happy kid!  Bennett was excited to inherit the balance bike, but he wasn’t quite ready for it.  Next summer for sure!

C new bike





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