Summer recap – September 2014

Still beautiful and sunny, September was another great month filled with fun adventures.

On Labor Day, we all packed up and headed over to the Evergreen State Fair.  It was our first time, and the kids were not disappointed.  One of the biggest highlights for all of us was the petting farm area, which included goats, sheep, cows, donkeys, bunnies, deer, and even a couple wallabies.  We also ran into some cousins and got to watch the cow milking contest.  Wow, that was… different.  🙂

The boys also rode around on mini tractors and the best part – the big rides!


The first week of Labor Day, Cooper started his pre-K program at school.  He was so excited to come home and tell me how fun it was.  They work on letter and number recognition, writing their names and selected site words each week.  His first day, he brought home this picture that he said he made for me, a picture of him & Bennett.  So sweet!
They also do daily exercise, which I didn’t know about at first…  Fun story:
One night, Cooper was in the bathroom for a VERY long time, and it was after he’d flushed, so I knew he wasn’t handling his business anymore.  I finally went up and asked what he was doing.  He opened the door and matter-of-factly told me “I’m doing my lunges.” Apparently he learned them at school during exercise time.  Well, I told him he should wash his hands and that he didn’t need to do them in the bathroom.  Ha!  —  When I learned this, I tried teaching them to do more moves.  Here we are working on our planks:

plank1 plank2 plank3

The weekend after Labor Day, Bennett was doing a bit better with using his potty, so I sprung on him (totally unplanned!) the cool big-boy underwear he could have.  We talked about how cool it would be to stop wearing diapers and to wear underwear instead.  He was totally excited!


And thus began our spur-of-the-moment potty training spree weekend.  The program we used before with Cooper was a 3 day plan, with no diapers, just underwear.  And I was determined to try it again.  Well, there were lots of accidents, but he caught on pretty quickly.  We went through 3 pairs of wet underwear in two hours, then had our first potty success followed by 3 more successes in that next hour.  He was definitely motivated by Skittles as a reward!  And peeing on cheerios in the toilet was pretty fun for him, too.  He did so well – he even managed to keep his bed dry the first three nights in a row!  Unbelievable!!!

So, our 3-day program got cut down to 2 days.  I was nervous to send him to school that following Monday, but when I picked him up in the afternoon and found out he had ZERO accidents that day, I was so proud of him!  That afternoon (after he chowed down a handful of Skittles!) we packaged up all his old diapers to bring home and throw away  – as he thinks that’s what he did with the other ones from home – he put them in the garbage to say goodbye, but I took them out when he wasn’t looking – but he said he wanted to give the diapers to Baby Ryder instead of throwing them away.  Such a big boy!

Another fun moment this month was when Jeff decided to introduce the boys to his favorite childhood toys: Mask toys.  He has a big box of them that are probably 25+ years old.  He was so excited to show the boys to the boys, and the boys were super excited to check them out.  It was hard to tell who was enjoying it more.


A few more September highlights:

  • Cooper and Bennett became Seahawks fans.  Cooper specifically likes Russell Wilson, though how he knows anything about him, we have no idea.
  • Cooper met a new neighbor kid, Alex, and quickly they became best buddies for a couple weeks.  Every single day they wanted to play together.  But once school started and the daylight started fading, their play sessions started slowing down.  I’m sure next spring/summer they’ll be tearing up this neighborhood!
  • Jeff and I got away for another short day of hiking.  It was just through some wooded trails at Cougar Mountain.  Nothing near as strenuous or exciting as our previous hike, but it was still nice to get out away from everything (i.e. – Kids!) and do something together.  And, the sunny warm weather made it even better.
  • Bennett joined Cooper for swim lessons in their own private session.  They have a lot of fun together and are both improving their skills.  Bennett loves to jump in, but is working on putting his face in the water; Cooper loves being underwater, and is working on swimming across the pool (side to side, not the long way) with his “big arms” (which is basically sloppy crawl stroke).
  • We spent one sunny afternoon drawing with sidewalk chalk.  We even traced shadows and drew in clothes:
    Chalk2 Chalk1 chalk3
  • We made a couple after school trips to Elevated Sportz to play in the indoor play center.  The boys love it there.  Bennett can’t do the trampolines until he’s three, so they are anxiously awaiting next spring so they can do everything there, not just the giant big toy.
  • And finally, Cooper, the boy who is growing up way too fast, asked me how babies come out of mommy’s tummies.  It was one moment I was so thankful to have had C-sections both times.  It sure feels a lot simpler to explain, “Well, MY babies came out when the doctor cut open my belly and took out the baby and then fixed my cut so it got all better…”  So much easier than the alternative!

Here are a few more pictures we wanted to share:

Watching TV haircuts


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