Elfcapades 2014: Days 5-7

Day 5: Wednesday, we woke up to find quite a scene downstairs.  On the dining room floor, there was a gang of super-villains facing off with a crew of army guys.  Behind the army guys, Elfis was there with his calvary: all of our superheroes, lined up across the house in a row of shoes.  (Were they driving them?  I don’t even know.)

IMG_0655 IMG_0656

Cooper & Bennett found this situation quite humorous. They got a big kick out of the fact that nearly every other shoe had a superhero inside.  Bennett was very excited that Batman was in his rain boot.  They took their time looking through at all the superheroes.  Then Cooper went and straightened up the main fight scene.  Some of the army guys had fallen over, and one of the bad guys was down for the count, too.  Before heading off to school, the boys made sure to tell Elfis that he needed to clean up his mess, and thankfully he did so before they got home.


IMG_0661 IMG_0664 IMG_0665

Day 6: Thursday the boys came downstairs to find that Elfis had continued to get into their stuff. It appeared that Elfis found their MouseTrap game, assembled it all by himself, then got caught in the trap.  However, by the looks of the three mice on the spinner board, I have my suspicions that they might have tricked him into landing on the cheese.

IMG_0666 IMG_0668 IMG_0672

Day 7: Friday, we woke up and quickly found Elfis in the dining room, hanging upside down from the chandelier holding a football.  We couldn’t figure out who he was playing with, but I’m just glad nothing was broken.  No football in the house!

IMG_0674 IMG_0677



2 responses to “Elfcapades 2014: Days 5-7”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    Sure fun to get caught up on the antic’s of Elfis who is visiting the Martinson’s again this year. Hope he won’t be too much of a problem this year. I think Mommy needs to have a break.
    Love Great Grammie
    Are ;you boys opening your Advent calendars every day?

  2. Karen Hathaway says :

    So glad Elfis is having fun at your house. Thanks for sharing the cute pictures and updates.

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