Riding the Santa Express & Playing at Paradise (Oh, and Elfcapades days 8 & 9)

On Friday, we told the kids we were going to head to the mountain to play in some snow.  So, Saturday morning, we packed up and headed out for our long drive.  As we were getting settled into the truck, Cooper discovered that we had company:



Elfis must have decided that either he wanted to go to the mountain and play in the snow, or he thought he definitely needed to keep an eye on these kids, or maybe both…?

After we got over the excitement of Elfis coming with us, we then announced to the boys that before we got to go play in the snow, we were going to go ride a train.  With Santa on it.  Cooper asked if Santa was going to drive the train.  We told him no, but that we’d get to visit with him while the train was driving.  They were pretty excited.  The Santa train was a new adventure for all of us.  We sat in our seats, got to eat cookies and drink hot cocoa, and even visit with Santa (and the kids got presents, too!).

WP_20141206_010 WP_20141206_011

WP_20141206_015 WP_20141206_016 WP_20141206_018 WP_20141206_025

The train stopped at the Mt. Rainier Railroad museum and we wandered around and checked out some of the outbuildings there.  We discovered a giant log that was being pulled by a tractor.  The boys thought that was very cool.

WP_20141206_026 WP_20141206_027

Back at the house we rented, we got settled into our rooms (the boys shared a room and were super excited to try out their beds!), then watched a little bit of a movie before calling it a night.

WP_20141206_008 WP_20141206_009

Sunday morning we woke up, ate breakfast, then packed up to drive up into the snow.  When we got in the truck, we found Elfis was there still (or again?) but in a different spot.  This time he was hanging from the sunroof!

WP_20141207_007 WP_20141207_006

We headed up into Paradise Park where there was plenty of snow for us to have a good time.

WP_20141207_018 WP_20141207_020 WP_20141207_024 WP_20141207_030 WP_20141207_035 WP_20141207_037 WP_20141207_043
WP_20141207_041 WP_20141207_053


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