Elfcapades 2014: Days 10-14

So far, our little elf hadn’t gotten himself into too much trouble yet.  Or so we thought.  Sunday evening on our way home from the mountain, I received an email from my Aunt Karen.  It read:

Elfis is in Trouble!
Santa told us that your Elfis got online and hacked our amazon.com account!  What a troublemaker!  We’re changing our passwords so he won’t try it again.  I’m sure your kids are much better behaved than your elf!
Merry Christmas!
Love, Karen & Jim

Well, what the heck was that about, we wondered?!!?!  So, when we got home, we were only partially surprised when we found a package waiting at our house, from amazon.com, addressed to Elfis.  What?!?!  We opened it up and here’s what we found:

IMG_0679 IMG_0682

It was an elf-sized bomber jacket and pilot’s goggles with a note that read “Thanks for letting me use the computer and do a little shopping.  This will make my flights home to Santa more comfortable.  I’m so happy to be your elf on a shelf… even if I don’t always stay on a shelf.  From, Elfis.” 

Well, there you go.  Our elf is now a thief.  Karen & Jim, we will find a way to make him pay you back!  ;-}

So… The next morning (Monday, Day 10) – We found Elfis had returned back from his visit to the North Pole and was still wearing his new outfit while riding on Cooper’s green wooden airplane.  He’d landed up on top of the bookshelf in our bedroom.  The boys sure thought that was pretty funny.

IMG_0686 IMG_0688

Tuesday morning (Day 11), the boys found Elfis reading about the Grinch with some friends.


Wednesday (Day 12), Elfis was discovered as he was taking a shoulder ride on our tree angel.  We don’t know what that was about…

IMG_0693 IMG_0700

It seemed he was staying pretty tame (besides that whole shopping spree), and was staying out of trouble for the most part.  But, on Thursday (Day 13), it seemed he felt he needed to keep a closer eye on Cooper.  Cooper found Elfis hiding inside the lamp in his room!  While he wasn’t doing anything crazy in there, I figured it made sense since Cooper threw one heck of a tantrum the night before when going to bed.  (So unlike him!)  Elfis must have though Cooper needed an even closer eye on him..

IMG_0704 IMG_0703

And then Friday (Day 14), it only makes sense that Elfis felt the need to watch over Bennett.  Bennett discovered him hanging on the string for his blinds looking over his whole room.  He was pretty happy about it.  Elfis surely made an impression when Bennett went to bed that same night.  His usual attempts at getting out of bed a dozen or so times to go potty (or whatever), were non-existent.  He must have been worried about Elfis seeing him not going to bed like a good little boy.

IMG_0710 IMG_0716 IMG_0720

It seems our elf is staying pretty well-behaved this year.  Maybe he’s matured since last year?  …  We’ll see.  There’s still 13 more days until Christmas!


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