Elfcapades 2014: Days 15 & 16 (Weekend fun!)

The weekend was here (hooray!).  Saturday morning (Day 15) the kids and I headed downstairs to look for Elfis.  We couldn’t find him in the tree or the kitchen, but Bennett quickly found something on the kitchen table.  There was a note and three water bottles filled with… something…?  Chocolate kisses!??!  YUM!


IMG_0721 IMG_0723

The note read:

With little elf eyes watching you, there’s not a lot that Santa misses.  So, to help you be good today, here’s a bunch of sweet elf kisses.
Drink the kisses up then enjoy your new cup!  It’s gonna be a fun day, now let’s go and play!
Remember not to hurt, yell, or fight, and surprises could happen; they just might!  In fact, there is one now I bet.  Have you found your theater yet?

What?  What theater?  What’s he talking about?  And where’s Elfis?

Well, after eating one elf kiss each, they got down to see what was going on.  Again, Bennett was the first to see something.  We heard him say, “What… heck?”  (So cute, his way of trying to say What the heck? with the perfect pause in the middle while missing the the.  …  Right in the hallway to the garage, we found a little puppet theater set up.  There was a curtain stage and a bag full of animals and a princess puppet.  What fun!  We also found Elfis close by on the wall in the hallway, hanging on one of the sconces, in a perfect position to watch the puppet show.  (We had so much fun playing with his surprises, it seems we forgot to take his picture this time!)

IMG_0724 IMG_0727 IMG_0729 IMG_0731 IMG_0732

Sunday morning (Day 16), Cooper woke up first.  He came into my room and told me that Elfis tried to tape a trap for him to stay in his room!  … So much for our nice elf!  I asked him what he meant and how he got out, he told me that he just crawled under!  Well, one point for Cooper and none for Elfis – this kid can’t be tripped up!  He didn’t walk into it, and he didn’t get frustrated.  He thought it was pretty clever.  (The kittens were pretty impressed with it too – they kept trying to play with it.)

IMG_0742 IMG_0744

Bennett was a sleepy head this morning and we had to wake him up.  Rather than break down his trap to go in and get him, we knocked on his door and told him to come see what Elfis did.  He opened up the door (still half asleep) and was so confused.  He stuttered, “He – He – He  – He trapped me in here???”  Once he woke up a little bit though, he also thought it was funny.  Here he is showing us how he could get out of his trap.  Then, later on in the day (no pictures, sorry), he took his swords and ripped it all down.

IMG_0745 IMG_0748 IMG_0749 IMG_0750

It seems Natalie couldn’t be fooled either.  She also crawled right under hers to get out.  Cooper found Elfis wrapped up in a bunch of tape outside Natalie’s door.  We’re not sure what he was planning to do, but figured he didn’t get to it since he trapped himself by mistake!  Silly elf!

IMG_0739 IMG_0741

And, just for good measure –
We have only 11 days left until Christmas!!!



One response to “Elfcapades 2014: Days 15 & 16 (Weekend fun!)”

  1. Margo Burnell says :

    Oh my goodness. I just love getting the Elfis reports. And now Aunt Karen has been envolved. And she didn’t even squeal like she usually does. I know you all are having fun with Elfis again this year. I think it is great.

    Mackenzie has a visit daily from a good elf who leaves a treat of some sort each morning when she gets up. It is left in a Nutcracker gift bag on her door. The the Good Elf started that when she was about 2 and coming to our home daily while her Mommy worked. Well she is 15 now and when asked if she thought it was time for the Good Elf to go visit other boys and girls, you should have seen the look on her face!!!! All her mommy said was “You and Papa started it”!!!!!

    Have a great day, family.

    Love GGma

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